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The Township of Lyons is now open for the 2016 appeal filing. The last day to file with the Assessor's office will be June 17th by 3:30pm. Please remember if you already filed a 2016 Assessor Appeal please disregard this notice and DO NOT file a second appeal.

If the Cook County Assessor has placed a higher market value on your property compared to your appraisal or closing statement from the years 2013,2014, 2015 or 2016 this would be good supporting documentation. You will need to bring in two copies of either of these documents and the Assessor will assist you in filing a "manual appeal".

Other supporting documentation that could be helpful would be a market analysis or sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood with similar characteristics. A market analysis can be done by a realtor and sales can be looked up by going to or

You may file online by going to When filing online you can add your comparables but you still can not send any supporting documentation as an attachment to your appeal. A manual appeal should be completed when you have supporting documentation. Manual appeals can be brought to the Township of Lyons Assessor's office or mailed to the address on the appeal form.

Honor Roll Recognition

The Mayor would like to congratulate the Summit students for achieving High Honor Roll for the 1st semester. This is a prestigious accomplishment, you make the Village and your families proud. Continue to excell in your studies. Go Argonauts !!!!

See the list of students here


Sergio Rodriguez

Village President, Village of Summit

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